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Hello, kamesh4u. Please notice that this Monastery is a community, which means a bunch of people who have come together for a common purpose - learning Perl. Because of this, it does not usually make sense to request that answers be sent directly to your e-mail address. When you do that, people can't see what the answer is.

In general it's a good idea to do some work on your own, and then to tell us what you've already tried. You can find out how to do this by checking out the article How (Not) To Ask A Question, by jeffa. It describes common mistakes made by new people here, and how to avoid them. If you adjust your questions to follow those suggestions, you are likely to get a much more helpful response.

The monks here can be very gracious and helpful, even if your questions are very basic. However, they still like to see some evidence that you made an effort to figure out your problem. So - tell us where you looked, show us code you tried, show us the error messages it gave when it crashed and burned, and so on. Let us know that you're one of the people working on the problem, too - not just the monks. Most monks will *not* just spoon-feed you your answers. They may become fairly unpleasant, in fact, if they think you're being too lazy to help yourself. So beware ;-).

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