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and it should allow better reuse and introspection and customization than Perl 5's POD.
Ah. Well, you've got me there.

Hm. I just had another look at that S26.pod6, and I don't see anything about introspection. Is Perl6's Pod going to have special "smart" features like Ruby's? (which I'm none too crazy about anyway).

Also, I don't know why this post got down-voted. I'm not trying to convince anyone to shoehorn-in Texinfo instead of Perl6's Pod. However, it sure seems like a whole extra boatload of work to change all the existing POD tools (and/or write new ones) when you could just grab an existing standard that has mature and debugged tools ready and waiting. {shrug}

Is there some stigma against Texinfo that I'm unaware of?

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