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Thank you for the suggestion.
I have now tried this but it made no difference.
I would be interested to know why you said
"it might be the odd way you embed your sub in the main code block"
since I did not realise that the order of subs etc can affect they way the application works.
I could not send the whole code for the failing application since this involves the use of a number of library modules.
However I have tried expanding the test code but the addtional features I added did not make the test case fail!
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Re^3: getOpenFile & -filetypes option probem
by zentara (Archbishop) on Nov 02, 2007 at 12:02 UTC
    It was just a wild guess, because oddities like you experienced are sometimes caused by code being set before the event loop is started, and not being updated properly when called after the MainLoop starts. It probably would be classified as a bug.

    It's really not a good idea to just put subs wherever you want, because nested subs are not seen outside their nest in older versions of Perl (AFAIR) , and I don't know how win32 might handle it. It also could just be that it dosn't look like good style to me. :-)

    It still would be useful if you could post the non-working code. It might be that you may need your filetypes in a global array, or something like that type of glitch.

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      Many thanks for your additional comments. I will try some more including
      seeing if I can get a set of none working code that I can post.
      I will add another entry to this when I have something to show.