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Does the Mangager generate cool manga characters from a database? :)

Oh, I get it, you mean DB Manager. Oh well. There's quite a few of these already, so you might consider adding to a project rather than starting your own. I usually bring up WDBI since I've used it the most, and it already works with multiple databases. It's home page is ominously silent, however; but a quick trip to FreshMeat showed me some new DB definer/managers that I'd never seen before, so no worries.

If you feel you really must write another one of these yourself, then I suggest taking most of what you have now and moving it to a module named for MySQL. Then install yourself some PostgreSQL and make another module for it. By getting at least two databases working, you'll have migrated a good portion of the non-portable code out of the main program and also will have created a framework for others to add databases, should they be inclined.

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Re: Re: DB Mangagagagager
by thabenksta (Pilgrim) on Apr 04, 2001 at 18:11 UTC

    I apologize for the bad spelling and typos. (jerk) just kidding

    I realized that I could probably find something out there just like this, but the point of doing it was to see if I could, and to hopefully learn something(which I did). And the reason I posted it was to get feedback mainly on my coding, to see if there was any blatantly outstanding logic flaws.

    That is a great idea about the modules, I will have to work on that.


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