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I would like to connect to a device using the OBEX protocol to pull a file off it from a CGI request

I have to use a Widows system but I do have Apache and ActivePerl to use. As part of a earlier phase, I was able to use plain serial communication which works perfectly with Perl. For this phase of the project the device speaks only OBEX.

A quick Google search brings up the Open OBEX site and their software. It comes with a non-CPAN perl module in the source but not the Windows binary download. I'm trying Cygwin at the moment with little luck but I'd prefer a working ActiveState Perl solution.

On CPAN there are a set of "alpha" modules that work with OBEX, e.g. Net::OBEX but they don't do device discovery and are a bit Spartan.

Has anyone communicated with an OBEX device from within Perl on a Windows machine? and if so what did you do to make it work?

As ever, thanks in advance for any suggestions...

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Re: Using OBEX Protocol on Windows with Perl/CGI
by chrisv (Initiate) on Apr 06, 2009 at 10:16 UTC
    There's a link to a Perl example on the OpenOBEX site:

      Yes, but it needs which is I don't have as a Windows binary - it's not a pure Perl module. The downloads from the Open OBEX site don't include compiled modules for Perl or other languages... ;-(