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Are you saying that the second time you run that use, it doesn't reload an already loaded module? That's just how Perl works, but you can use workarounds like Apache2::Reload.
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Re^2: 'use' falls out of scope at runtime
by arpx (Acolyte) on Apr 23, 2009 at 14:29 UTC
    no, it falls out... the module is not available.

    Thu Apr 23 14:20:57 2009 error client xxxx Undefined subroutine &plugin23::test called at ..

    the only way to keep it in enviroment is to trigger the function calling 'use' for each run

      use called a second time doesn't reload the module, since it checks %INC (see perlvar) and, if the module is already in that hash, the underlying require just returns 1, so no loading. You would have to undef $INC{$module} for the use to reload the module. Keep in mind that in %INC the key for Some::Module is Some/

      Aa Corion said, you could use Apache::Reload for those packages; if you have changing packages where methods/functions are organized into files, you could use AutoReloader.