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I would uninstall DBD::Pg in your program before trying to install it. I would also upgrade CPAN and ExtUtils::MakeMaker before trying to replicate the problem again. I would also turn on debugging/verbose mode to get more diagnostic output.

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Re^2: Trouble installing DBD::Pg
by frankdew (Initiate) on Aug 24, 2009 at 14:18 UTC
    Seems as if nobody has a clue about my problem. I've tried the hints by anonymous monk without any success.
      The error message is the clue. You've got conflicting mismatching files. Either get rid of them (delete/overwrite), or install to a different location, or call the right perl binary ($PATH), or sanitize your environment variables (PERLLIB/PERL5LIB).
        Thanks for your reply. You give my very good advice. Nevertheless, it doesn't answer my question. My question was: "Why does it works on the second run of the script?". Thats what I'm trying to figure out.
      i have same problem when installing DBD::Pg 2.15.1 after uninstalling dbi package (on ubuntu), i try to install DBI latest version from cpan and reinstall DBD::Pg again using cpan. now the problem solve. so, i think the problem is unmatched the DBI version.