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Please don't confuse the 1 in this example (which indeed is just there for there has to be something there) with the 1; at the end of a perl module!! The 1; statement at the end of a module is truly needed as a returnvalue to the require statement. Substitute it to a 0 and watch the difference. In this example here you could substitue the 1 with a 0, which would change nothing at all...
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by lestrrat (Deacon) on Jun 08, 2001 at 00:45 UTC

    Hmm, sorry if it was misleading, but I think it's a "statement" nonetheless, no?

    package foo; sub foo { 1; } 1;

    Besides the fact that a required file needs a "true" value returned, I don't think the 1 at the end of the file is any different from the 1 in a sub or any block of code?

    Syntactically, yeah, they mean different things, but I believe the mechanism that goes behind there are the same...

    That was sort of where I was trying to get at, if it makes any sense