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Just out of curiosity, for ActiveState perl, v5.10.1, Lingua::EN::NameParse, by far the easiest thing is to use Active State's ppm utility to download and install the already made .ppd file. Type $prompt>ppm to start the GUI version. I just looked and this module is there. Name will be like: Lingua-EN-NameParse. Easiest is to type say, "lingua" in the search window and just scroll down to what you want (that's what I did).

I am not sure why you want to build something that you don't need to? Maybe this is a test for some other module where you do?

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Re^2: dmake warning question
by hsmyers (Canon) on Jan 09, 2011 at 16:49 UTC
    When you are working with a new version of a module just released two days before, the chances of ActiveState being current are usually non-existent. I got a heads up on a promised patch/change to the module from the author with a cpan link which I followed... Have to admit that I didn't check, it could be that AS has advanced it automatic update for their repository, don't know.


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