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("Lock", "Stock", ("Smoking Barrel") x 2); foreach $sin ("Pride", "Envy", "Gluttony", "Sloth", "Wrath", "Lust", " +Avarice") { $movie++ } $gate[8]; (("Monkey") x 12); $tide = "FF0000"; return $man{$uncle}; *Trek[2]; $wrath{"Khan"}; *Trek[3]; seek SPOCK,0,0; *Trek[5]; $frontier[-1]; *Wars[4]; new($hope); (("wedding") x 4, "funeral"); !($ing_hill); $fingers_of_dr_t[0..4999]; doctor($strangelove) || $how_I_learned_to_stop_worrying && love(bomb);

That's enough movies - Ed.

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