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I found a a couple of bugs in your code.

First, when I use it today, it prints "Happy 22,023nd unbirthday, dave!" Change the antepenultimate line to:

my $unbirthdays = commify( ORD($days_alive - $birthdays));

Second, if somebody types in "October" for their month of birth, they'll be surprised to see "Sorry, this is not a month"! Change the line:

if ($b_month =~ /0/) {


if ($b_month != 0) {

In fact, I would refactor that bit of code to avoid the programme dying ungraciously if the user enters a non-alphanummeric character:

if ($b_month !~ /^\d+$/) { $b_month = Decode_Month($b_month,1); } if (! $b_month) { print "Sorry, that is not a month.\n"; $b_month = birth_month(); }

Lastly, a minor niggle: 1900, for example, was not a leap year, despite being divisible by 4.

Update: You also seem to have an off-by-one error. If I claim to have been born today, the output is:

Happy 0th unbirthday, dave!

Surely, today should be by first (not 0th) unbirthday?