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BUG or unknown feature in pp: dll files are not extracted

-a is for data, -l is for dlls

... cygwin1.dll ...

mingw perl uses

$ perl -V:sh sh='/bin/sh';

IIRC cygwin uses the same thing (but its been a long while since I cygwin)

win32 perl uses

$ perl -V:sh sh='cmd /x /c';

So once you pack with par/pp into an .exe, it can't find /bin/sh, because it doesn't exist (the .exe doesn't know about the cygwin enviroment/$PATH etc, its a win32 program), or /bin/sh doesn't know how to call a .batch file

In short, avoid the shell, or call the right shell

I haven't the time to post a working example , but I you should be able to gain some wisdom by reading these


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