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All of these responses have been incredible and an excellent education in perl. My final question before I say that I have sucked all I can learn from this thread...

I toyed around with your coded to fully understand what was happening. I see that you're pulling the first element from the right using -1. However I see that it changes when I write it as:

my $rcs = (qw($Revision: 1.46 $))[-2]

Since I set the [ ] value to -2, I still get the correct value that I am looking for, however with my syntax and using -1 I retrieve just the $. Why is that? Since I am used to creating my arrays in the format qw(a b c); I would have thought these additional parens would not have changed the result. But they do.

humbly -c

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Re: Re: Re: difference between ($scalar) and $scalar
by DrZaius (Monk) on Jul 21, 2001 at 22:48 UTC
    Look at your spacing and what you are using for the qw delimiters.

    My code uses qw$$ while yours uses qw().

    Try these:

    perl -e 'my $rev = (qw$Revision: 1.41 $)[-1]; print $rev, "\n"' perl -e 'my $rev = (qw($Revision: 1.41 $))[-1]; print $rev, "\n"'