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I`m running a lighttpd webserver in a chroot jail and try to get perl mysqlsupport to work.

Has DB_File Perl module installed? Yes
Has CGI Perl module installed? Yes
Has DBI Perl module installed? Yes
Has DBD-Mysql Perl module installed? No
Has Image Magick Perl module installed? Yes

Outisde the jail everything is installed. Including DBD and DBD:mysql. No erros reported. The above output comes from the jail. It recognizes everything except DBD/DBDmysql?

I copied /usr/lib/*
into the jail but the script does not recognize DBD? What is missing?

The jail doesn` t matter. DBD isn` t recognized without the jail too.

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Re: DBD, MySQL Chroot
by Anonymous Monk on Dec 14, 2012 at 10:11 UTC

    What is missing?

    What do you mean? What program is generating "Has DB_File Perl module installed? Yes" and why doesn't it tell you?

    I copied ...

    I don't know much about chroot, but shouldn't you be able to include paths without copying files?

    Did you forget to copy /usr/bin... and other $PATH s?

    Did you use ldd on every .so to see what else you forgot to copy?

    Having never used chroot before, I can't imagine it should be this much of a pita to setup chroot

    I'd look for easychroot or some such to handle all the copying for me. IANAA (I am not an admin) so I wouldn't recommend any tutorial $ $ $ $ although creating a chroot, then installing rpm/yum/apt-get inside the jail, and then installing everything you need all from inside the jail, seems like a "safe" approach