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Here are two potentially useful sources. Not perl, but maybe "just" in need of some .xs files.

xlHtml This project displays Excel ss as html docs. It works pretty well. There is also a pptHtml -- not so great. It uses the (open source) Cole library to read the files and comes with some utilites to read and analyze the files and their internal filesystems.

wotsit seems to have some info on file formats that might be useful.

HTH, --traveler

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Re: Re: Win32 Strustured Storage via File - Properties - Summary
by zebedee (Pilgrim) on Sep 07, 2001 at 19:05 UTC
    I was reading about the Summary info only the other night in a Delphi COM Programming book. Something about Property Sheets. In a DocFile, there are streams directly off the root (where the stream name starts with, I think, 0x05). The stream you want is <0x05>SummaryInformation. If you've got Visual Studio, you can use the DocFile Viewer to look at these streams. You *should* be able to use OLE::Storage or OLE::Storage_Lite to get into these (but I've never tried it myself). I'm not sure if you are trying for a pure Perl i.e. platform-independent solution or a Windows-only one (in which case you could write a helper DLL). The underlying API calls you need are StgOpenStorage and then using the returned IStorage interface, OpenStream (dunno if you could use Win32::API with these calls?).