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Best you spin up a system or VM, try to match the target system as close as you can, same OS, same perl version etc. As far as delivering your app goes, perhaps you could package it using pp or similar, or instruct them on installing cpanm using their OS package manager, and provide a cpanfile listing your apps perl dependencies (a quick start guide here). If you describe the situation in more detail perhaps it'd help to guide you better.

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Re^2: How to deliver a perl application to a client?
by xcodejoy (Novice) on Oct 20, 2019 at 18:07 UTC

    Thanks for answer.

    I'm working on a scraper using Web::Scraper

    It will be small script. But, the predictability of the behavior of this script at the customer side is very important.

    My solution is to write a bash-script that will do:

    1. Create new user for executing the application (on client's machine).

    2. Install "perlbrew" and "cpanm" (under new user rights).

    3. Install correct Perl version (under perlbrew for this new user).

    4. Install (via cpanm) all Perl modules for my project (correct version).

    5. Extract my application.

    6. Perform test run and show results.

    Is it correct way?

      Sounds like really low dependencies, no need to install your own perl with perlbrew. Either package or make it easy for them to install the module. An OS package is probably overkill here.