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While installing an in Linux Operating System. I am facing an issue like this:

Warning (non-fatal): Target 'dynamic' depends on targets in skipped section 'dynamic_lib' Warning (non-fatal): Target 'static' depends on targets in skipped section 'static_lib'

while executing the Makefile.PL

The Makefile contains like this:

use ExtUtils::MakeMaker; $mylib=`xml2-config --libs`; $myinc=`xml2-config --cflags`; # See lib/ExtUtils/ for details of how to influence # the contents of the Makefile that is written. WriteMakefile( NAME => 'XML::CanonicalizeXML', VERSION_FROM => 'lib/XML/', # finds $VERSIO +N PREREQ_PM => {}, # e.g., Module::Name => 1.1 ($] >= 5.005 ? ## Add these new keywords supported since 5.005 (ABSTRACT_FROM => 'lib/XML/', # retrieve abst +ract from module AUTHOR => 'Stefan Zasada <>') : ()), LIBS => [$mylib], # e.g., '-lm' DEFINE => '', # e.g., '-DHAVE_SOMETHING' INC => '-I. ' . $myinc, # e.g., '-I. -I/usr/include/ +other' MYEXTLIB => 'canon/libcanon$(LIB_EXT)', # Un-comment this if you add C files to link with later: # OBJECT => '$(O_FILES)', # link all the C files too ); if (eval {require ExtUtils::Constant; 1}) { # If you edit these definitions to change the constants used by this + module, # you will need to use the generated and # files to replace their "fallback" counterparts before distributing + your # changes. my @names = (qw()); ExtUtils::Constant::WriteConstants( NAME => 'XML::Canonicaliz +eXML', NAMES => \@names, DEFAULT_TYPE => 'IV', C_FILE => '', XS_FILE => '', ); } else { use File::Copy; use File::Spec; foreach my $file ('', '') { my $fallback = File::Spec->catfile('fallback', $file); copy ($fallback, $file) or die "Can't copy $fallback to $file: $!" +; } } sub MY::postamble { ' $(MYEXTLIB): canon/Makefile cd canon && $(MAKE) $(PASSTHRU) '; }

So can anyone help me regarding on this issue?

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Warnings installing XML::CanonicalizeXML (Re: I am getting an error ...)
by hippo (Bishop) on Dec 20, 2022 at 12:27 UTC

    Have you installed libxml2 and the headers?

    What is the output of xml2-config --libs; xml2-config --cflags?

    There is a reasonably high success rate installing this module on Linux so you should be able to get there in the end.


      output for xml2-config --libs: -lxml2 -lz -lm -ldl

      output for xml2-config --cflags: -lxml2 -lz -lm -ldl

      after installing libxml2, we have execute XML-CanonicalizeXML-0.10 we are getting an error like this:

      MakeMaker (v6.68) Potential libraries are '-lxml2 -lz -lm -ldl': xml2 not found in /usr/local/lib64 '-lxml2' found at /lib64/ z not found in /usr/local/lib64 '-lz' found at /lib64/ m not found in /usr/local/lib64 '-lm' found at /lib64/ dl not found in /usr/local/lib64 '-ldl' found at /lib64/ Warning (non-fatal): Target 'dynamic' depends on targets in skipped se +ction 'dynamic_lib' Warning (non-fatal): Target 'static' depends on targets in skipped sec +tion 'static_lib'
        output for xml2-config --cflags: -lxml2 -lz -lm -ldl

        That suggests to me that you have not installed the headers.