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Hello and welcome monk, your concern/thoughtfulness is appreciated and is refreshing

  <code uni="1">

perlmonks doesn't support unicode, so, um, yeah , it would be nice if it did but perlmonks faq doesn't unicode or utf8 or utf-8 it only latin1 or windows-1252 or something like that ) ; its encoding="ISO-8859-1" ie ISO-8859-1

These are all straightforward and simply represent attributes that are missing from certain elements but allowed elsewhere. I'm really just aiming for consistency here.

When is the last time you've seen "cite" used? Its one of those semantic-web ideas that are useless to humans that browsers don't display -- its library search engine stuff -- since the beginning of perlmonks there has been less than 30 uses of it (one by you, four since 2009 ), thats over 15 years

also a good 99.99% of nodes only ever use <p> and <code> tags

Also just consider dir, used to indicate the directionality of text -- latin1 is always one direction, so yeah Perlmonks uses the windows-1252 (similar to Latin-1) encoding ...

Sure theoretically perlmonks welcoms other languages and with entities they could be represented, but well, non-english postings are practically unicorns

Unknown Element: wbr

tye likes it and documentation is good (like a link or something)

However, I'd much rather see discussion and concensus before submitting any proposal; accordingly, please freely discuss the following and let's see if a concensus can be reached.

:) Wow such optimism, refreshing update: oh kcott user since 2010 , that explains it :P

I like you

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Re^2: Additions to Approved HTML ( ISO-8859-1)
by kcott (Bishop) on Jun 29, 2015 at 15:17 UTC

    That's a fair amount of research you've done in compiling your response. Thank you for this effort.

    My main aim here was to add, rather than remove. I'm guessing (and correct me if I'm wrong) that you brought up cite as something to be removed. While I won't be adding it to this proposal, you are, of course, absolutely free to start a "Removals from Approved HTML" thread.

    I included dir for reasons of consistency: it's already allowed in one place, so why exclude it from others. I'm fairly certain I've never used it on this site, but I most definitely have used it elsewhere for arabic text. (Hebrew text would be another place where it would be appropriate.) Thanks for the feedback: if enough people don't want dir, I'll remove it from the proposal.

    wbr: you learn something everyday. I'll change the proposal to document and get rid of the suggestion for removal.

    "I like you"

    I like you too: ++

    -- Ken