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why not extending this mechanism to a more customizable and user definable way of linking?

I can imagine creating my own tags in the user settings, where I could be asked for a name for the tag and a link, with a placeholder (e.g. %s) in the appropriate position, that resolves the tag-link. Uhm, I don't know if you can understand me (I only hardly do), but probably an example will make that clear.

Say you got your own perl module review site located at, there you got the search script located in /cgi-bin/ which takes the arguments in this way: module=HTML::Parser&order-by=date. Thus a correct URL would look like: +y=date

Now you could define your own tag simply by assigning it a name (say "myreview") and the resolver which consists of the above URL except that 'CGI' would be replaced with %s, so that the dynamic content will be placed there:

Tag: myreview Resolves-to: +e=%s&order-by=date
would then create the above link automagically.

Of course this would be private to each user but maybe one could then even implement a kind of importing mechanism, so that if footpad did another really useful tag I could adress it by using [footpad::newtag://linkto] or even globally import all of footpad's tags into my own 'namespace'.

... uhm .. do you get me?

Regards... Stefan
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