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IMNSHO throwing around the word silly as a way of saying, don't listen to them is stupid.

There is a reason for the taboo. And anyone who cannot accurately state, in their own words, on demand, either succinctly or verbosely as requested, what the reasons are for the taboo has no business using the construct.

I am not exaggerating.

Please follow the link that Ovid had to his question, and my answer, about when goto is justified. As you will see there, my position about goto is not religious. There are cases where it is justified and justifiable. However without a complete understanding of why the construct is problematic you will simply not have the tools to recognize when its utility transcends the issues associated.

This is one case where, while I like having people really understand what is going on, I would prefer that people avoid goto for cargo-cult reasons rather than trying to think up reasons to use it.

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