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<img src="" width="571" height="21">
<img src="" width="150" height="200" align="left" alt="Live at Puntarenas Beach!">Im a little bit of everything, punkrocker, programer, ex-skateboarder, Olimpic Rifle Shooter, and now learning ASP with VBS‎crip‎t, Java, and Perl.
Always searching for new things to learn.
I live in Costa Rica and have always wanted to give my best in eveything, i dont like crowded places and enjoy music, from Santana, Black Sabbath, The Doors, Bob Marley to the heaviest ones.
I think noone can just listen to one kind of music because we are made of too many things.
I know maybe I'm not the best monk around, but i try to do my best, my english is not very good, so, i guess my jokes and the Chatterbox, wont be the best!

One thing is true....i dont tell lies!

These are things that make my life a little bit happier!

<img src="" alt="The famous Trufo!">

<img src="" alt="La Petite Grace!">

Greetings from Costa Rica. Edgardo

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