This one will have to be run with "perl" if you don't have perl in /usr/bin/perl (Windows users)

Given it all away now haven't I.
#!/usr/bin/perl $a=$ENV{_};@b=(-39,-84,-68,1,83,17,-63,-13,-11,6,-54,-2,69,2,7,-104, -72,65,-43,-61,-30,-29,-15,9,62,115);open A,$a;@a=split(//,<A>.<A>); close A;for (0..25){print chr(ord($a[$_])-$b[$_]);}
P.S. the yaJAPH2 post below was mine, as was yaJAPH (posted some time ago) I forgot my password, lost the email, and couldn't remember which address I'd used to sign up with.