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This doesn't directly answer your question, but have you looked at Pronto!? It is a Gtk/perl email client which uses a DB & DBI for the message store. According to the homepage, it can also import MBOX folders, and export back out to them.

If you can't use the program, perhaps it's DB schema will be useful to you. I used it briefly at a previous job, and it seemed to work fine, although I did end up using another mail program.

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Re: Re: Managing a Personal Email Archive
by drewbie (Chaplain) on Mar 06, 2002 at 20:36 UTC
    After a little more digging, it appears the Pronto is a fork of CSCMail. The Pronto site says it was forked when CSCMail went to C. The CSCMail faq says version 2 will be in C w/o SQL. But the current version 1.6.2 is still in perl/gtk. His reasoning for no DB makes sense to me. So you decide. :-)

    Why do you need the message store to be a SQL database?

      > Why do you need the message store to be a SQL database?

      I thought a SQL database was the answer because I might have 50,000 archived messages today, and I am accumulating non-trivial, non-SPAM mail at a rate of 25,000 messages a year at an annual growth rate in excess of 50 percent per year. (Aside: it would be a lot easier to keep statistics on a mail archive if it was in a SQL database.)

      I assume that performance of the search function would be better with a SQL-based archive, and the performance would stay relatively constant as the size of the archive grows.

      Dave Aiello
      Chatham Township Data Corporation