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I liked Qbasic over GWBasic when it came out, eventually BasicPDS was the cream of the crop because it compiled exe's the size of C compiled code. Compared to C, C was only a tad faster with string manips. The core compiler for BasicPDS was C based. I still remember writing ISAM apps, better than the other DB's at the time. Then came VB, hated VB for DOS, but VB was ok.

I still think back to the days of my C64 and C128, using Basic 2.0 and Basic 7.0, although 7.0 was very much like Simon's BASIC which was really good. I miss the monitor tool to look at live memory, and see how the code looks in memory. :) Man, ever wonder how many hundreds or thousands of programs and scripts you ever wrote over the years.

I've been working with Perl for about 2 years, and it's become my new love. :P I do ALMOST everything in Perl! The syntax in Perl is also helping me learn C.

I gave up on VB when 6.0 came out - I was so disgusted I deleted from the drive, and started learning Perl,SQL, and C/C++.

I'm still trying to understand the niche for pointers in C. Maybe one day they will click. As for the syntax, syntax is syntax.. once you got the logic, any language becomes fun.


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by Silicon Cactus (Scribe) on May 10, 2002 at 17:37 UTC
    Pointers in C?
    One great use would be linked lists. Although I first learned about those in Ada, you should be able to do the same in C.

    Although you probably already knew that one... :)