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And what if I need to do something similar, but can't use to do it? There's obviously some way it could be better. But apparently, no one knows how. Thanks for the help.
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Re(5): Get those parameters without
by coolmichael (Deacon) on Jun 13, 2002 at 18:14 UTC
    Sorry. That just doesn't make sense. is included in all recent (from 5.0 onwards, I believe) perl distributions. Even if it isn't included (at which point you should fire your sysadmin) you can still use it.

    You should take a look here. You can always use

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by KM (Priest) on Jun 22, 2000 at 04:06 UTC
    Don't give a 'what if'. Tell us what you need to do that is similar. You need to parse QUERY_STRING in a 'similar' way? Maybe you want to URI decode the string, does that (and other modules, too). Use CPAN, grasshopper.


      I don't currently need to do something similar. I'm working on my skills for when I will need to. And it might not be CGI, so using wouldn't be all that useful.
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