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I've never seen a new install of IE6. All IE6 installs I've seen were upgrades from IE5 or earlier. (This of course will change with time, so it's good for me to know about new installs of IE6 requiring P3P. Does that mean they will (by default) silently discard all non-P3P cookies? Wow, half the web would break...)

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P3P headers, privacy policies and all that jazz (was Re: Re: CGI versus CGI::* modules)
by andye (Curate) on Sep 11, 2003 at 13:04 UTC
    I know this thread is dead, but just a note for posterity.

    I can confirm that normal, non-third-party cookies can definitely get dumped by IE6. That's dumped as in, yes, "silently discarded" - well, it lights up an icon in the browser, but the server has no indication at all.

    And IE6 has REALLY grown in market share, in the recent past.

    If you implement a privacy policy for your site (ie put the relevant stuff in the directory /w3c) this can solve the problem for the *default* security settings on IE6 (depending on what type of information you're collecting).

    But for more restrictive security settings, you need to send a P3P header - which is the search that brought me to this thread. :)

    All the best, Andy.

      Interesting. I may have to augment my authbox with a "Having trouble?" link, with information about how to enable cookies. I thought we were past that with the demise of Netscape 4. *sigh*. So I guess that means I need to find a system with IE6, so I can figure out its preferences enough to write the instructions...

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