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I don't really understand the purpose of this script. The user enters their own email address and the path to a file. The script then sends a copy of that file to the user's email address. Why?

At any rate, it seems like the easiest solution would be to allow the user to open up a mail client (like messenger that comes with communicator in Linux) and attach files that way.

Either you are going to have to get into the nitty gritty of how multipart forms send stuff and read it and fix some problems that even (bows head in reverence)Lincoln Stein has not solved yet, or you are going to have to allow the user to upload the file to the server.

It'd be easier to write a web page with pretty pictures that would explain how to do this than to write a script that acts as a mediator.

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by le (Friar) on Sep 01, 2000 at 20:33 UTC
    Sorry, I voted you --. Seems you never heard of Web based eMail-clients.

    Of course, the attachments get stored on the server, but only temporarily.

      Actually, I have, and I've actually written one or two. And I don't mind that you voted me down. I don't really care about the points.

      There appears to be a difference, though, or perhaps I'm not understanding the problem (entirely likely).

      (from the "clarification")

      1. User fills out a form which includes their e-mail address and the path on their workstation/computer where the file is
        I took this to mean that the user is sending the file to herself. Not to another.
      2. File(s) specified are sent as an attachment and NOT stored on the website server
        Note that it doesn't say... stored temporarily and then erased... it says not stored.