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This isn't a perl thing, but it looks like the JavaScript on that page sets the "action" field to "continue" when you click the Continue button, and you're submitting with the field "action" set to "abort". Could this be the problem?


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Re: Re: Submitting a form
by muradkhan (Initiate) on Feb 27, 2004 at 00:32 UTC
    Leira: I'm not quite sure about what I'm doing, but the Nutshell book on HTML 4.0 suggests that hidden fields may be used to manage user/server interactions. Since I don't know what download.asp is expecting, I was sending this value back just in case it was looking for it. I've tried it both ways, and it still don't work. I suppose I should find the source for download.asp (its company internal, should not be hard to do) and figure out what the heck its looking for. In the mean time, would it not be likely that when submitting a form to download.asp that we might be required to identify, by name, the form being submitted?