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Authority indeed proceeds from true reason, reason never proceeds from authority. - John Scot Eriugena


First program I ever wrote was on a Monroe programable calculator. Your were l33t if you could shorten your program using undocumented instructions or by accessing the unsupported characters on the print drum.

From there I graduated to 80 column punch cards and Fortran on an IBM 1130. The big iron was across town and you had to wait a day or two for your listing back. Code review was the name of the game the edit/debug cycle was just too long.

One Fortran student was a Cargo Cult devotee. He would literally borrow your code, taking your old punch cards and inserting them into his deck.

My first personal computer was Elf 1802. It had 256 bytes of memory, a hex keypad, and a little LED you could turn on and off. A steal at $99.95. I hacked my own address readout for debugging.

Paid my way into college writing payroll programs in Basic on an Imsai 8080. We had the 'ultimate': 64k ram and dual 8 in floppies. It sounded like a washing machine when it was compiling. ( Yes, compiled Basic ) but that was music compared to the noise from the ball impact printer. We turned our noses up at the whimpy little machines from an upstart garage company named after a fruit.

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  • rgiskard" ... using the definition of avian to mean "birdlike" do you think RFC1149 applies to penguins and other flightless birds (ostrich, etc?)"
  • ww "...which goes to show, if nothing else, that seeing what one expects rather than what exists is a source of many errors."
  • Tanktalus is allowed to make fun of Windows at the same as being helpful ;-) It's left as an excersise for the reader to discern the helpful from the unhelpful :-P
  • "Some people, when confronted with a problem, think “I know, I'll use regular expressions.” Now they have two problems." - Jamie Zawinski
  • Jamie Zawinski an Perl - “it’s not as bad as sed.”
  • "Whenever a major organization develops a new system as an official standard for X, the primary result is the widespread adoption of some simpler system as a de facto standard for X." - John F. Sowa