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There are rumours that perl has initially really just been an experiment to prove that a program can be written only by using the preprocessor. It eventually failed and that's the reason why you'll occasionally find a few lines of C code sprinkled in between the preprocessor directives.

Tassilo v. Parseval

sub configuration { my %options = @_; print "Maximum verbosity.\n" if $options{VERBOSE} == 9; }

if ($something_went_awry) { return if defined wantarray; # good, not void context. die "Pay attention to my error, you danglesocket!!!\n"; }

Programming Perl 3rd ed.
Wall, Christiansen & Orwant

Tell you what. Let's just issue a mandatory warning at the startup of every Perl s‎crip‎t that says: "Don't be stupid."

Larry Wall