in reply to Request for Comments on Perl::Critic

First off, great job on Perl::Critic. The first thing I thought after reading PBP is "Hey, I wonder if there's a tool that would check my code for this stuff". And, as usual, it was on CPAN.

Here are my thoughts on some possible additions and modifications that might be useful:

Hmm... that Reference idea sounds useful, and not too difficult. If you'd take the patch, I think I might try coding it up.

One last comment before I head off to sleep. I'm not sure I agree with the idea that Perl::Critic could or should be enhanced to correct the code. I use Perl::Critic to warn me when I'm doing something silly, so that I can fix it, and by fixing it, learn to not do it again. If it tried to correct those things for me, there's less of an opportunity to learn. Plus, some of the things detected by the policies would be downright nasty, if not impossible, to auto-correct without potentially breaking the code.