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We'll need a lot more information than that.

1) Where were the files created?

2) Are you trying to read them on the same system or a different one?

3) Any error messages?

4) Sample code would be nice.

5) What have you tried so far?

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Re^2: Microfocus Cobol datafiles
by RicardoPortilho (Novice) on Feb 03, 2006 at 14:23 UTC
    CPAN doensn´t show anything about Microfocus or Cobol, od .CAD in DBI.
    This files are already created, and each one is like a table, with fields and records. Their names are like CLIENTS.CAD and CITY.CAD.
    People where I work open, read and write in them, with Cobol. I´m sure Perl would be faster to code on these.
      Can you post sample data files for us to look at? (No actual customer or employee information please.)