based (roughly) on the later of these, here's a quick something i've knocked up as light relief while i'm working on my next serious obfu:
$_='$p=chr(39);$t=reverse"\$_=$p$_$p;\ns!".chr(92)."s!!g;eval";$_="2.; +NN NO82VWiiiiiY2.8iW2/Ve<.8WMdO82WNA-77-A3ii3,ryir,K;F.;o.2O823i`VFBVVn.< +82 .;O82<.;O83d82!";s!.!-32+ord$&!eg;s!.!(++$c%2?$":1)x$&!eg;s!.{10}!push +@_ ,$&!eg;{$q=$t;$z=sprintf"%2d:"x3,(localtime)[2,$|=1,0];sleep$|;my$s;fo +r$ l(0..7){map$s.=s#:##?$"x4:$_[$l+$_*8].$",split//,$z;$s.=$/}$s=~s&1&cho +p$ q&eg;$_=reverse$q;s%.{78}%$&$/%g;print"\ec$s$/$_$/";redo}';s!\s!!g;eva +l
there is a little golfing that could be done, which i might try and update with later.
p.s. incidentally - does the title rhyme? I'm never sure whether it's pronounced qween or qwine :)

Update: fixed output layout for standard width console (and cut out a line or so)