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I just wanted to mention that in general, it's better to specify the distribution name rather than the module name when using ppm install or ppm search. When you just specify the module name, ppm has to search for and guess which distribution the module is in. Once in a great while it gets it wrong or doesn't find the module. For modules with the same name as their distribution, this just involves s/::/-/g on the module name in the ppm install command.

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Re^2: A guide to installing modules for Win32
by QM (Parson) on Jun 07, 2006 at 23:09 UTC
    I find that in many cases ppm can't find the module at all, and I have to go find the distribution name manually, guess (s/::/-/g), or give a too-general wildcard.

    So unless someone gives me a distribution name, I expect a headache.

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