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i'm commenting a bit late, so maybe i won't get an answer, but how does one "shove [an existing $dbh] into a Rose::DB object"?

i've been reading the docs and tutorial for Rose::DB but don't see how to stuff a $dbh into it, only how to get one out.

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Re: custom $dbh with Rose::DB?
by Anonymous Monk on Nov 05, 2006 at 09:32 UTC
      Right. Just make sure that the driver() of the $db is the same as the driver of the $dbh (i.e., don't try to put a Postgres $dbh into a Rose::DB object whose driver is "mysql")
        using $db->dbh as a setter isn't documented, but this approach sounds reasonable if i can get it to work.

        this is my test script so far, which is not working:

        use DBI; use Rose::DB; my $dbh = DBI->connect( 'DBI:mysql:database=mydb', 'user', 'pass' ); my $rdb = Rose::DB->new( driver => "mysql" ); $rdb->dbh( $dbh ); print "still here\n";
        No database information found for domain 'default' and type 'default' at line 6
        what do i do here instead if i don't want to do the register_db stuff(or can't, because in the non-simplified case i don't have the DSN, only a $dbh that was exported from elsewhere) ?


        it looks like this works, clunky as it seems:

        use base qw( Rose::DB ); __PACKAGE__->use_private_registry; __PACKAGE__->register_db( driver => 'mysql', database => 'fake', host => 'fake', username => 'fake', password => 'fake' ); package My::RDBO::User; use base qw( Rose::DB::Object ); use DBI; __PACKAGE__->meta->setup( table => 'user', columns => [qw( id username password email name )], pk_columns => 'id', unique_key => 'username', ); sub init_db { my $dbh = DBI->connect( 'DBI:mysql:database=mydb', 'user', 'pass' +); my $rdb = My::RDB->new; $rdb->dbh($dbh); return $rdb; } package main; my $u = My::RDBO::User->new(id => 1); $u->load; print("$_ => ", $u->$_, "\n") foreach $u->meta->columns;