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There's always going to be either a world policeman or a world gangster. I'd rather have the policeman, though I don't necessarily agree with every war / skirmish we've fought.

I'd be rather with the gangster if the policeman calling the gangster a gangster is a gangster.

As for industrial development, ecological awareness is directly proportional to per-capita income. If we didn't have the industrial development, some other, much less careful country would be running things here.

Oh, really? Ask your fellow indigenous american compatriotes, ask indigenous people in south america, ask any farmer that refuses to grow his crop with oil (traktors, fertilizers, you get the picture) and with his own seed (not Monsanto's). What per-capita income do those have, that really live within their environment in a non-exploiting way? Which "other, much less careful country" do you have in mind which is e.g. not firing depleted uranium shells?

And one could debate that since the Palestinians are illegally blowing themselves up in the middle of bunches of Israeli civilians, and since pretty much the entire Middle East has tried to destroy Israel several times, Israel is justified in taking action to protect itself. The US supports Israel simply because Israel is a buffer zone - without it, the suicide bombers would be busy visiting us next.

Come on - suicide bombers visiting you next? That's what those preaching the "war on terr'ism" are trying to inculcate everybody with, it's plain paranoid and without any evidence. The USA's point on this being "bomb there, we're just supporting them"? Get real. The USA is supporting Israel simply because of Israel's strong lobby within your political institutions. Look up The American Enterprise Institute and it's fellows, look up the AIPAC, look up e.g. Doug Feith - learn about their agenda...


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