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Two comic books later, I finally get enough money to get two ISBN numbers for them... and I have to re-lay them out on larger pages *plus* provide a few different pages that are not all graphics. Great. Thanks, Lulu.

So? Do I try to understand the OpenOffice module for getting 300+ PNG's that are the same width in? Or do I look at RTF::Writer which looks a whole lot simpler and straightforward to understand?

For historical reasons, the old versions of the comic books, still on sale, outputted raw graphics to a directory and a control Postscript file via a custom Perl script. It would be distilled into a proper Postscript file, then into a PDF.


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Re: 300 images to lay out... RTF or ODT?
by Anonymous Monk on Mar 22, 2007 at 12:23 UTC
    not sure understand your question properly...anyway: - resize graphics with image-magick, and embed in ODT with RTF::Writer or such OR - you'd be surprised how much time doing it other ways eats you might be better off just to use a good page layout application instead....e.g. Scribus (PC/Mac/Linux) or Pages 2 (iMac) etc. good luck
      The graphics are at 300 dpi and do not need to be resized for printing. They're about 300 of them too, and laying them out... oui! I've done it before and they can be autoplaced.

      The only problem with Scribus (I've checked) and Pagemaker (Mac/Windows) is that they don't offer mass-layout of graphics. It's a comic book from a webcomic using newspaper-like formatting for the graphics. The layout's rather complicated.

      Thankfully RTF is an open standard.