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What do people do on a computer all day if it's not reading blogs :)

I currently have 199 RSS subscriptions in my Bloglines account. They aren't all blogs, but probably the majority are. I should probably cut back.


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Re^2: I read blogs / web journals...
by Aristotle (Chancellor) on Mar 24, 2007 at 06:04 UTC

    If there was a really good, useful newsfeed for PerlMonks, I might read the place more… :-)

    $ grep -c xmlUrl .liferea/feedlist.opml 

    Most are low-volume and about 20 are in the “Bin” folder, where long-standing subscriptions go to die. But that’s where all the time goes that I used to spend almost exclusively on PerlMonks for a few years.

    Unfortunately threads, particularly Usenet-style nested threads, don’t map very well to feeds, no matter how you arrange the setup. Maybe I should write the PerlMonks email gateway I always thought about. (Since I also skim about 30 mailing lists; but of those having low traffic.) The question is how to handle voting and moderation, though, which I never resolved.

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