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I actually arrived just as merlyn left, so I strongly doubt I was in Other Users when he took the snapshot.

I thought you were. If I was mistaken, I apologize--freely.

As for the rest, he posted a list and made it clear that most on that list were not downvoting him...

Yes...and I believe he could have been more considerate of those who were not personality voting. I believe he knee-jerked; I called him on it. I stand by that call, for I do not believe that, in this case, the means do justify the end. Three monks were rude; he listed 21. That's a 7:1 innocence ratio. Pardon me, but I thought that sort of crud went out with Salem and HUAC.

When I see him post a conclusion that I doubt, I will be first to tell him publically that I do not agree with him. But that hasn't happened yet.

Then we see things slightly differently on this one. That's a good thing. I shouldn't have to wait for you to call him on something before I express my disappointment over his behaviour. I expect to be held to certain standards; so should he.

And flipping your theorizing request around, if it is unfair for him to leap to the theory that everyone on that list is downvoting unreasonably, isn't it equally unfair to leap to the theory that he thinks that?

A fair point, one I will accept. However, I believe that if any other monk had posted the origin of this thread, it would have been placed into Consideration and promptly reaped without a second thought.

And *that* is what irks me most. merlyn rightly feels aggravated; however, he should not be allowed to be any more disrespectful or trollish than the rest of us. It's certainly his right, but I don't think he should be accorded any special treatment due to his 'nym nor his stature in the community. When he posts stuff I find to be cr@p, I will call him on it. And including 18 innocents to find three dipweeds that might not even have been logged in at that moment strikes me as cr@p.

(Apologies to chipmunk for the rhetoric, but this is how I see it. We're all asked to adhere to the same standards and those that don't or refuse to create more problems than they solve.)


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Re (tilly) 4: Posting "Other Users..."
by tilly (Archbishop) on Apr 10, 2001 at 21:17 UTC
    I don't know how the community would react were it someone other than merlyn.

    I can only say how I would react.

    And on this I don't have a double-standard. When I was just starting here, I ran into a few problems myself. I know what a pain it is. And every time this comes up my sympathies are with the person or people who are experiencing personality voting. There are possible technical solutions. I have never been convinced that they would be a bad idea.

    Incidentally reading that thread again, it is clear that from the start my opinions have remained consistent. I don't like voting on the personality. The reasons why I don't like it have remained pretty much the same. And I don't like it whether or you you are voting for or against the person.

    FWIW right now I am inclined to give merlyn more of a break than usual at the moment. Not because he is merlyn, but because I know he is going through a lot of crap at the moment and I know how stressed people overreact. Not that I think that changed how I reacted in this case, but it is a point worth mentioning.