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A Newbies Area
This topic come back in the foreground quite often
(see this node, this node or this one to name few...)
It was even one of my desire, the first time I came into the monastery.
(I didn't want to bother experienced monks whith question I knew were silly for them...)

Now that I'm a little bit experienced (but still so clueless ;-)
I realize that this area already exist with the Q&A area (at least partially).

Furthermore I realize that what make the monastery so great
is the fact that you can talk/listen with really great people here.
Newbies (and I) learn a lot more by reading experienced monks post/talk in the CB,
than by just asking questions (when they dare to ask).
We should enforce this kind of contacts rather than parking newbies into 'newbies areas'.
They'll improve much faster this way.
Learning to ask the right question (and hence already having part of the answer ;-) and receiving high quality answer...

Moreover I agree with those who think that we must improve our way to deal with newbies.
I mean :

This wouldn't change the monastery but would make it a better place for everyone.

"Only Bad Coders Badly Code In Perl" (OBC2IP)