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Today is June, 6th, 2012, a few days past being a monk for three years!, how time passes. Still, not quite that lonely Perl programmer I had been anymore :)

I joined the Monastery by a mere coincidence (believe it!), ever since I joined and my Perl knowledge skyrocketed in an exponential manner, I so love being here that this is what I've been doing for months now, away from the monks I am interacting here with everyday I am the only Perl programmer and monk I know in the outside world around me. Maybe one day I would get to meet all of ya'll in a YAPC if I ever get to attend one. :) ...

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#!/usr/local/bin/perl #Each parameter passed to a subroutine can be named, this enables you +to pass them to subroutines #in any order. #the concept is known as Simulating Named Parameters and it employs ha +shes. print "The result is:".addem(OPERAND1=>2, OPERAND2=>8); sub addem{ my %hash=@_; return $hash{OPERAND2}+$hash{OPERAND1}; }

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