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Cindy appears to offer strong separation of code from Perl.

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Re^2: Push style templating systems
by ElDiabolo (Initiate) on May 15, 2010 at 22:11 UTC

    Actually Cindys web engine Cindy::Apache2 (requires mod_perl) is language independent. It takes XML data that can be produced by an apache request handler (static, php, ...) and moves them into a template.

    How to move the data is specified in a content injection sheet. This has a <source xpath> action <target xpath> syntax to describe data movements.

    This may even qualify as strict separation. I'll check if my module (Cindy, see also is actually Parr strict.

      I am not shure if I must consider the content injection sheet part of the view. If so I enforce only the most important Parr rule (Do not modify the model). The others can be violated because I use XPath as my mini language.