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Re^5: A wholly inadequate reply to an Anonymous Monk
by Anonymous Monk on Apr 23, 2010 at 14:10 UTC

    For a lot of people (including me) Perl 5 is what pays the bills. There isn't a single company (correct me if I'm wrong) that's doing Perl 6 development (despite claims that "you can use it today!").

    I think it's understandable given all that that 10 years later we only have a pre-alpha implementation and little uptake, and bad some bad PR for Perl externally.

    I agree. People laugh at me at an interview when I tell them I know Perl. They tell me So I heard Perl is very good at code obfuscation and it wins every OBFU contest, that's the kind of response I get in an interview. This is not a joke, this really happened.

      Then you're going to the wrong interviews.

      Anyone who laughs at someone else's experience or ridicules it is already sending you danger signals: this person is not respectful and open-minded, and is already playing "I'm smarter than you" power games.

      If you don't mind this, then go ahead, but remember you're deciding if you want to work with them as much as they're deciding if they want to work with you.

      If you're interviewing and someone says "I don't particularly like Perl because of reason X, but that's just my personal prejudices," then you've got someone you can deal with. They're being honest about what they like and don't, and how they feel. If you happen to know something that addresses reason X, then by all means bring it up.