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Thank you, just realized that after posting. It's now in /usr/local/bin/. So I hope everything is fine and dandy. Though I'm a bit afraid to restart my computer. Maybe I should make some backup...

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Re^7: broke my perl? :(
by marto (Cardinal) on Aug 25, 2010 at 11:57 UTC

    For clarification, could you post the output of file /usr/bin/perl?

      sure: /usr/bin/perl: a /gsc/bin/perl script text executable

        Then your system perl is still broken because /usr/bin/perl should be an ELF executable. I suggest you move your script out of the way and try apt-get --reinstall perl again.

        My advice is to always leave the system perl alone and install your own perl for your own use in a separate directory.

        Update: forgot -- on --reinstall as I usually use aptitude.