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I've used windows scripting host a couple of times to super-charge some vbscript files. It's nice because you can mix and match languages in a single file. I've also used it to create windows components that you can register and later use with Win32::OLE or VBScript CreateObject() methods etc. It's nice, so long as you don't mind your scripts only being able to run on Win32.
Here's a small template .wsf that works on my system...
<Job ID="MyPerlWSH"> <script language=PerlScript> # Perl Script begins here use strict; use vars qw($WScript $WShell); $WScript->Echo("Hello World!"); # Perl Script ends here </script> </Job>
Your wsh files need to have a .wsf extension. You'll also notices that things like "print" won't work in a .wsf file, so you need to use $WScript->Echo()

Since you are running ActivePerl, you can have a look at the documentation for a bit more help. Look in the left-hand frame for "Windows Scripting".

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