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As Perl projects go, collecting data from an external source (calling an API to get the quotes, scraping them off a website, whatever) and writing it to a file is pretty damn easy. However, as already mentioned, the fact that you're asking this question in the first place suggests that you have zero or near-zero Perl knowledge, so even a relatively easy project may still be very difficult for you. You also haven't said anything about the source you'd be getting the quotes from, which could add a bit of complexity (both technical and legal - have you verified that their terms of service would permit this?) depending on how that source is set up.

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Re^2: Perl server question
by Anonymous Monk on Sep 10, 2012 at 10:17 UTC

    I already wrote the script that succesfully scrapes the quotes, I know how to store these in a file and then i can send that to my laptop and split that possibly or parse that again. I only have no idea in what form I would sent that file directly to my laptop from a server, and how to program a server in generalxD , I will check cpan:) I checked the source and it is legal:)

      Or store the file somewhere on your "server" where you can retrieve it with FTP. You could even automate the retrieval by writing a little script on your laptop based upon modules such as IO::Ftp.


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      Once you've got it on disk, why not simply rsync it to the laptop?