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I know Tk is no longer active but I do like its easability.

Tk is still active, it just dosn't change much. :-)

What you are looking for is Tk's hypertext. See Insert something like a hyperlink in a Tk Text widget for a few basic examples.

To launch the web browser when clicking on a hypertext link, use the code below in the callback. You need to fork it off to avoid blocking the event loop.

#!/usr/bin/perl use warnings; use strict; my $linkurl = ''; #my $linkurl = 'linux-tips.html'; #my $file = 'links_from_HTML.html'; #my $command = "firefox $file"; # if(fork() == 0){ exec ($command) } #works #system( $command ); #external url my $command = "firefox $linkurl"; if(fork() == 0){ exec ($command) }
If you don't want to use HyperText, you can put the callback into a Button widget.

You can also do it very nicely on a canvas, the canvas allows you much flexibility. The following example could be enhanced, to have Enter and Leave bindings on the weblink tag, and to maybe change the cursor to a hand or pointer when over the links.

#!/usr/bin/perl use Tk; use strict; my $w=20; my $x=0; my $y=0; my %nums = ( 0 => ['black','yellow'], 1 => ['yellow','black'], 2 => ['white','green'], 3 => ['green','white'], 4 => ['grey','red'], 5 => ['red','grey'], 6 => ['blue','white'], 7 => ['white','blue'], 8 => ['orange','grey45'], 9 => ['grey45','orange'], ); my $mw=tkinit; my $c = $mw->Canvas(-bg=>'white')->pack; for (0..9) { my $item=$c->createRectangle($x,$y,$x+20,$y+20, -fill=> ${$nums{$_}}[0], -tags => ['weblink'] ); my $text = $c->createText($x+10,$y+10, -anchor=>'center', -fill => ${$nums{$_}}[1], -text => $_, -tags => ['weblink'] ); $x+=20; } my $text1 = $c->createText(100,100, -anchor=>'center', -fill => 'black', -font => 24, -text => '', -tags => ['weblink'] ); $c->bind('weblink', '<ButtonPress-1>', sub { print "launch your url\n"; my $linkurl = ""; my $command = "firefox $linkurl"; if(fork() == 0){ exec ($command) } } ); $mw->Button( -text => "Exit", -command =>sub{ exit }, )->pack; MainLoop;

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Re^2: Perl TK
by randor (Novice) on Sep 24, 2012 at 14:08 UTC
    Thank you but I tried your code by copy and pasting it so I could play with it and I got an error saying "firefox is not a recognizable command"

    any Ideas?

      Well, you could install firefox or use a sensible method to launch the default browser with the URL. For Windows:


      For Linux:


      And so on.

        Yes, Thank you.. not very smart on my part, after I posted I realized that I did not have firefox installed on this system.

        I did get it to open a page, however, it caused a new problem.

        It opens a browser window but then I get an error saying "Perl command line interpreter has stopped working" and it closes out my program.

        below is the call that I make (please note that I set this code just to test it working so please bare with the hardcoding of the link and such)

        $tmp_label = $table->Button(-image => $D_Image, -borderwidth=>0, -cur +sor=>'hand1', -command=>[\&NewOrders]); sub NewOrders { $pid = fork(); if ($pid == 0) { execute(system "start"); exit(0) +;} }
        Anyone know why it is crashing out my perl? I believe I have it forked properly??