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Re: Challenge: Hidden Message

by Unanimous Monk (Sexton)
on May 11, 2006 at 01:50 UTC ( #548598=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Challenge: Hidden Message

Well, here's my first crack at it.

and a few modifications to allow for multiple longest strings, and repeated chars (although, the output still only outputs one of the longest string, but the hash contains the info for each longest string).

use strict; use Data::Dumper; my %result; { ### Populate initial tree my @prev; my %charcount; my $temp=<DATA>; chomp $temp; foreach my $char (split '', $temp) { $charcount{$char}++; foreach my $pchar (@prev) { $result{$pchar}{$char.$charcount{$char}}{valid} = 1; }; push @prev, $char.$charcount{$char}; }; }; { ### Prune invalid data while (<DATA>) { chomp; my %charcount; my @invalid; foreach my $char (split '') { $charcount{$char}++; foreach my $ichar (@invalid) { $result{$char.$charcount{$char}}{$ichar}{valid} = 0; }; push @invalid, $char.$charcount{$char}; }; # Prune branches that weren't in the string this time around. foreach my $key1 (keys %result) { foreach my $key2 (keys %{$result{$key1}}) { my $found = 0; foreach my $inv (@invalid) { next if $found; $found = ($inv eq $key2); }; if (!$found) { $result{$key1}{$key2}{valid} = 0 }; }; }; # Prune roots that weren't in the string this time around. foreach my $key1 (keys %result) { my $found = 0; foreach my $inv (@invalid) { next if $found; $found = ($inv eq $key1); }; if (!$found) { foreach my $key2 (%{$result{$key1}}) { $result{$key1}{$key2}{valid} = 0; }; }; }; }; } my $maxdepthchar; { ### Determine depth of each tree my $maxdepth; foreach my $char (keys %result) { getdepth(\%result, $char); if ($result{$char}{depth} > $maxdepth) { $maxdepth = $result{$char +}{depth}; $maxdepthchar = $char }; }; } { ### Output longest string while ($maxdepthchar ne '') { print substr($maxdepthchar,0,1); $maxdepthchar = @{$result{$maxdepthchar}{maxdepthchar}}->[0]; }; } sub getdepth{ my ($ref, $char) = @_; my %result = %{$ref}; my $maxdepth; my @maxdepthchar; if ($result{$char}{depth} eq undef) { foreach my $key (keys %{$result{$char}}) { if ($result{$char}{$key}{valid}) { my $depth = getdepth(\%result, $key); if ($depth > $maxdepth) { $maxdepth = $depth; @maxdepthcha +r = ($key) } elsif ($depth == $maxdepth) { $maxdepth = $depth; push @maxdep +thchar, $key }; }; }; $result{$char}{depth} = $maxdepth+1; $result{$char}{maxdepthchar} = \@maxdepthchar; return $result{$char}{depth}; } else { return $result{$char}{depth}; }; }; __DATA__ HOUSEBOAT COMPUTER DOUBT

It ain't pritty, but it works (I think?).

Update:Oops! Fixed general soultion. Needed to trim roots as well as branches. Thanks LR.

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Re^2: Challenge: Hidden Message
by Limbic~Region (Chancellor) on May 11, 2006 at 17:43 UTC
    Unanimous Monk,
    I am still working on my general purpose solution, but yours does not appear to work with the following:

    Cheers - L~R

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