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These nodes all have stuff by social_mandog (showing 1-8 out of ~8?):

Node ID Writeup Created
135554 why it is dumb to OK your own nodes 2002-01-02 01:20
134202 (OT?) Usefulness of CS 2001-12-24 23:53
126451 Re: Re: Should it live or die? 2001-11-20 05:58
122024 Re: Helping Beginners 2001-10-30 07:21
121876 Re: Quiz for Newbie (why you are at -22) 2001-10-29 08:41
121350 Re: Management that just doesn't understand 2001-10-25 06:13
120614 Re: Anonymous Posting (was: Re: google style best nodes list) 2001-10-22 22:58
120405 Re: College suggestions for possible programming career 2001-10-22 00:55