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valdez's scratchpad

by valdez (Monsignor)
on Jun 01, 2004 at 17:20 UTC ( [id://358274] : scratchpad . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

copy large number files in different dir's
Network programming using sockets
Accepting either a filename or a handle
How can I write Test::Finished?
To Validate Data In Lvalue Subs
A First CPAN Odyssey
Auto-Increment and DBD Agnosticism
portable mysql auto_increment
Generating portable SQL primary key sequences
Is dynamic loading of pm's a bad thing?
Extending LValuable Subs with Tied Variables
Is this a secure way to prevent cookie tampering
CGI::Application and CGI security
Micro Mocking: using local to help test subs
Lessons Learned in Software Testing
HTML::Template macros
Decision Trees and the Strategy Design Pattern
Using select and IO::Select
How will my regular expression match?
Mixing @EXPORT and use base
CGI::Application and Session problem
CGI::Application and $self->param() wierdness
Resizing IPC::Msg queue size
Is "ref($class) || $class" a bad thing?
Style: expr or warn vs. if..warn?
A master-list of module dependencies?
Variable to point to library?
Test::Cmd and forking
Perl Idioms Explained - !!expr
(Real) Database Design
Tree Traversal Script/Nested Sets
making a GUI for a web client
Does there exist a CPAN module for lazily initialized variables?
Checking return context, beyond wantarray()
Creating a perl daemon
On-demand single-pixel GIFs
Class::DBI multiple column primary and foreign keys
Abstracting Class::DBI Database Connection Data
Why is a hash the default "object" in oo perl?
Advanced subroutine and symbol table manipultation
Should a CPAN module list Test:: modules as dependencies?
XML Wishlist using the Amazon API
Singletons and Inheritance
help me fork
coderef to an object method
Choosing a Platform
file open problem with scheduled jobs
file open problem with scheduled jobs
XML issue
OO, inheriting functions from other packages
$str to %hash to @ary
Whatever happened to...vCalendar and Reefknot?
manipulating the lights on a keyboard
Why is 'our' good?
Class::DBI not intuitive
Perl Daemons
Re: Replacing a string in a file
Hash of output file handles
Automatic stack traces for warns and dies
Browser-viewable HTML::Template templates
Lessons learned from getting to 100% with Devel::Cover explained
OO concepts and relational databases
Dual personality: Module and script
Abstract Packages
Using Data::Dumper in Test-Driven Development
Can't access class methods via SOAP
shopping cart implementation
Finding classes which are inherited from a given class
Dynamic inheritance
Class::Classless vs. Class::Prototyped
a cron; in perl
Reusing code for Mysql and Mason Application
Binding OpenLDAP and PostgreSQL with Perl
Regexp do's and don'ts
Free Perl Books
Using DBD::Mock for testing DBI related code
Review request for PDF::API2 Tutorial
the try/catch example from "Programming Perl" analyzed
A new idiom -or- I Hate Unless
Starting with CGI::Application(::Session) and Logins
Using Thread::Conveyor and Parallel::ForkManager
Subclassing Apache::Request?
Problems importing constants in multiple namespaces
ERD Diagram Generation
Starting with CGI::Application(::Session) and Logins
Handling near-redundant SQL queries
Mail::CheckUser issue
Exception handling - try Catch Method
Converting HTML special entities to XML
Is there any way I can validate XML documents with XML Schema using Perl?
XML validating (no DTD)
Pragmatic project automation
Testaholics Anonymous (or how I learned to stop worrying and love Test::More)
Open Human Readable Computer Aided Design file format
Listing Active CGI::Sessions
Exception handling for Image::Magick
proxying overloads: returns seem to lie
Global variable vs passing variable from sub to sub
RFC: Tutorial on Testing
Re: Re: Open3 and bad gut feeling : Finally
Class::Struct question
DBI Row Limiting
Tag libs for Template Toolkit
Automated module testing with SVN::Client and Module::Build
demerphq's sandpit
DBD::mysql and binding placeholders
using Mail::Box::Manager;
Seek one liner for distributing an integer
Maintaining diagrams in a Perl way?
Getting module to call importer's function
Test::Unit extensions going in the right direction?
Checking for multiple instances
RPC::XML server seems to occasionally send corrupted responses
Trailing slash problem with mod_perl
Sharing a Thread::Semaphore among threads
Specializing Functions with Currying
OT: Design question
DBD::Oracle help for portable DB handle code/module!
Preferred method of documentation?
Solving the SUPER problem in Mixins with String Eval
AUTOLOAD - the good, the bad, and the ugly
The Model View Controller pattern in web applications
object-relational Perl programming: best practice or compromise? "/~username/" to "/?node=username" mod_rewrite magic
How we use Perl.
Often Overlooked OO Programming Guidelines
Module RFC: Yet another object-persistence interface
How to use ioctl in perl
RFC: Object::Proxy (or somesuch)
A novice's thoughts on applying Demeter to extension code
Advice on OO Program structure & organization
Use method/function signatures with Perl
LWP over SSL Hammers Apache
GUI with HTTP::Daemon
RFC: Apache::Controller
Review: CGI::Prototype
Interface design question: graphing state machines.
P2P Golf: MoleSter
session keys: how far to take it
Enabling GUI Debugging under Mod_Perl
Mmap question
hiding perl-wrapped command output
eval, DESTROY, die and $@ - educational couple of hours
Comparison of the parsing features of CSV (and xSV) modules